Sunday, August 31, 2008

How Cool Is This?

How is this for a cool birthday gift? In addition to some really great new cookwear and gadgets (which I'm sure you'll hear and see more about in coming posts), a subscription to Cooks Illustrated, all sorts of great books and some really beautiful pottery, I received a subscription to "Living Without" magazine. This magazine is devoted to people with allergies and food sensitivities. I admit, I'd never seen this one before and I can't wait to delve in and see what it's all about. A quick glance showed a TON of information on all sorts of allergies and plenty of good-looking recipes.
So, if you've never seen this magazine, go check it out. I'd love to hear your opinions!


BaileyAKA said...

That sounds like a really useful magazine. Glad someone thought of it! My boyfriend has been realizing some food allergies recently, so we'll have to start re-thinking our eating strategies... I'm going to check out this mag's website right now.

I'm Bailey, by the way :)

Sandra Gordon said...

Hi Bailey! Yes, I think this magazine will be a great source of information and ideas. Most of all, as you re-think your eating, remember that a food allergy is more than a restriction. It's an opportunity to try something different!